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Experience the handcrafted artistry of
LIM & HANDTRYCK wallpaper 

Innobo Inc., the home of Duro of Sweden, the leading Swedish wallpaper brand, introduces another beautiful Swedish wallpaper line, Lim & Handtryck wallpaper from Sweden.

Handcrafted by husband and wife team, Ann-Charlott and Henrik Strandberg in a small factory in Mölndal, Sweden, their beautiful wallpaper is the result of culturally historic research and authentic handcrafted technique. 

The brilliance of Lim & Handtryck wallpaper comes from the vivid, matte quality of the colors and each pattern's distinct relief. Lim & Handtryck is possibly the only manufacturer today that still prints with old, original rollers of wood and brass and with a non-synthetic distemper ink which has the ability to absorb light giving the colors a richness not seen with other methods.

We, at Innobo, keep inventory in our US warehouse ready for immediate delivery of samples. Look for more collections next spring. Lim & Handtryck is available in the U.S. exclusively to the trade. All patterns are available in custom colors.

 We invite you to view both the Duro and Lim & Handtryck collections and let your senses soar.

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